Ghostwriting services

The ways you can work with a ghostwriter, what our services entail, and what you can expect to pay.

Services to choose from


Perfect your presence on the original professional social network. Take your place in trending topics and start more conversations in your network.​​



Grow your influence with longer content, including articles and op-eds.​​ Host your own blog or contribute to your company's news page.


Executives are finding success on Twitter, where a huge appetite for interesting and insightful content from business leaders exists.



Create a regular and personalised conversation with your audience, using a range of personalisations and even monetisation.

Service levels and costs

  • Basic
    Basic £1495

    Choose one of our services listed above.

  • Standard
    Standard £2250

    Choose two of our services listed above.

  • Premium
    Premium £2995

    Three of our services listed above, with priority support and ad hoc extras. Maximise your reach and influence by showing up in more digital spaces, with more expert insights and content attached to your name.​​

A ghost is for life, not just for business

Ghostwriting isn’t a quick or easy hack, it requires a long-term mindset. We will steadily build your profile by sharing high quality content consistently.

A ghostwriter will save you dozens of hours every month, but they can’t work magic.

Executives who commit to the long game of growing their reputation online are walking the sustained path towards a genuine legacy—not five minutes of fame.

FYI: You don’t actually have to work with us for life.

Standalone projects

If you’ve got a significant campaign or an important product launch coming up, we can supply you with all the content you need to promote it loud and clear.

Price on application and dependent on project.


We can put together a bespoke quote for you, just get in touch to make it happen.

In terms of services, our specialisms are in social media and long-form writing.

In terms of industries, our founder Joe specialises in tech, B2B, leadership and change management, and finance. If you work in another field, we have relationships with expert freelance writers in your field and will work closely with them to create your content.

No, we’re not DFS.

That’s a big question and it’s, ultimately, a personal thing. Our clients work with us for a number of reasons, but the most popular include:

  • Having too many other commitments
  • Knowing that writing isn’t their strong suit
  • To see what emerges when they commit to more visibility online

We’ve explained popular reasons for hiring a ghostwriter in more detail.

This means engaging in conversations with your network/followers.

Social media is a two-way street and if you aren’t engaging with other people’s posts, you’re treating it more like a megaphone than a conversation.

This isn’t an area we touch by default. It’s not part of our in-house skillset and we don’t want to pretend it is.

We include media statements as part of our long-form service and will gladly assist you with any media opportunities that come your way.

If you are interested in media outreach, we can collaborate with freelance PRs and manage that relationship for you, at an additional cost.

They might be good, but they’re nothing like us.

We’ll be waiting for your follow-up enquiry in a few months but, for now, we wish you the best of luck. 😉

If it’s not Joe, our founder, it’ll be one of the select freelancers we collaborate with. These relationships are carefully maintained and highly selective to guarantee quality, expertise, and consistency.

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