The story behind CEO Ghostwriter

No skeletons in our closet, just some very friendly ghosts.

The original ghost

CEO Ghostwriter was founded by Joe Clarke, the freelancer behind Snail Studio—the home of slowed down copywriting. I’ll drop the third-person thing now and speak to you directly.

My first ever task in my first ever copywriting job was ghostwriting an article for the company’s founder to feature in a startup publication. It feels a bit fated, then, that I ended up founding CEO Ghostwriter.

I continued ghostwriting for that founder until I moved roles, did some more ghostwriting, and then moved to an agency whose sole purpose was ghostwriting and content repurposing.

The shorter version of that story is: I know what I’m doing.

Joe Clarke, a white man with tousled brown hair stands in front of a cream-coloured wall. He's wearing a green t-shirt and a light brown corduroy shirt. He has a big smile on his face and is looking to his left.

The favoured haunt of a few other ghosts

I work with a select group of freelancers, with whom I have deep and established relationships. Not every CEO Ghostwriter client is right for me—whether that’s because of your industry or your specialisms—but I still want to provide you with a vetted, reliable platform to expand your influence.

That’s when I turn to the writers in the CEO Ghostwriter network, as they cover a wide range of disciplines and areas of interest.

I also work with designers, developers, and other marketing specialists to deliver exactly what you want and need from a personal PR service. Ask and you shall receive.

Why make CEO Ghostwriter?

Because C-suite executives, in my opinion, have an outsized opportunity to make an impact on the world.

You naturally have a greater reach and influence than the average citizen and can make genuine changes happen across industries, professions, and skillsets.

By promoting your causes, opinions, and insights to the world, we can make genuine positive change happen at scale.

You have influence, whether you know it or not. I want us to use it for the good of your industry, your profession, and your own aspirations.

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