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“My own mother didn’t realise somebody else was writing my newsletter!”​

Consultant and Event Founder

“Extremely punctual, delivering quality on time and great at communication. Would highly recommend.”​

Creative Agency Founder

“I was particularly impressed that, despite covering some relatively niche thinking, my content needed virtually no editing or oversight.”​

B Corp Consultancy Founder

Got hours spare to write content each day?​

We’ve yet to meet an executive who does.

If you’ve got a nagging feeling that you could be doing more to promote yourself within your industry, you don’t have to invent a 25th hour in the day.

Get yourself a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting for the C-suite

Choose one service or a combination. One-off packages are available.


The original social networking platform is as powerful as ever for you to expand your reach.


Short content can have a big impact. Build an audience of entrepreneurs and investors.


Share your thinking in greater detail, start showing up in Google results, and tell your story proudly.


Create a direct line of communication with your growing audience, using personalised emails.

No scary surprises

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Bespoke content

Content written with subject expertise, that reads true to your character, beliefs, and personality.

A miniaturised character sits on a robotic arm, whilst working in a laptop. The arm moves them over a larger laptop, indicating a sense of movement and responsiveness.

Flexible approach

News moves fast; business moves faster. We'll adapt your plans based on industry conditions.

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Regular contact

Updates and check-ins using your preferred cadence and method. What works for you, works for us.

Best-kept secret? Busted.

You know the familiar faces you see all over LinkedIn, Forbes, and trade magazines—the ones with a million things to say and a knack for saying it?

There are no magic tricks to learn or divine talent to envy.

It’s just them and their ghostwriter.

Hiring a professional writer lets them raise their profile without having to lift a pen or tap a keyboard.

You can do it too—but why settle for their level? Do it better with CEO Ghostwriter.

How we work

Your time is valuable.

We don’t want to add friction to your life, so we’ve designed an onboarding process that will get you making waves as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality or attention to detail.

Outsourcing is the new hustle

When you don’t have the time to get fit, you hire a personal trainer.

When you don’t have the time to cook healthy meals, you hire a chef.

When you don’t have the time to grow your personal brand, you hire a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are the best of the lot—we won’t make you eat kale or do burpees.

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